Podcast: Jeff Grant on the Nightmare Success Podcast with Brent Cassity, May 25, 2023

Staff writer, Evan Osnos, for the New Yorker Magazine described my guest Jeff Grant this way,

“Jeff Grant is the real deal; he’s candid and generous with his wisdom. I can’t imagine there is a lawyer in the country more qualified to consider the complex issues facing people prosecuted for white collar crimes and their families.”

Incredible quote and could not be more true. Jeff was a high flying successful New York real estate attorney. He became addicted to prescription opioids after a tear in in his Achilles tendon playing basketball. HIs life when into a dark spiral from dipping into his clients escrow accounts to creating loan fraud with a government SBA loan. He lost his law license and eventually received a 14 month sentence in Federal Prison. What he did with his life after getting out of prison is nothing short of remarkable and inspiring. He became an ordained minister earning a Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary, majoring in Social Ethics. After graduating from divinity school , Jeff was called to serve at an inner city church in Bridgeport, CT as associate minister and Director of Prison Ministries. He then co-founded Progressive Prison Ministries, the world’s first ministry dedicated to people navigating the white collar criminal justice system. On May 5, 2021, Jeff’s law license was reinstated by the Supreme Court of the State of New York. On August 10, 2022 he celebrated 20 years of continuous sobriety. He is now committed to using his legal expertise and life experience to benefit others. He is the founder of the first national White Collar Support group with over 700 members nationwide. Jeff is vulnerable and real with how he leads us through his journey of overcoming and being set free to find and serve his passion. A true nightmare success story!

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The New Yorker: Life After White Collar Crime, by Evan Osnos, Aug. 2021: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2021/08/30/life-after-white-collar-crime

Progressive Prison Ministries website: https://prisonist.org

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