“Start Here™”. The Story of Our White Collar Support Group’s™ New Tag Line & Branding Campaign, by Fellow Traveler Jeff Grant

Jeff Grant is a member of our White Collar Support Group™ that meets on Zoom on Monday evenings.

There is little doubt that Nike’s tag line, Just Do It, has been an incredible success. There is hardly a person in any corner of the world that doesn’t recognize it, identify it with Nike, and relate it to a healthy, athletic lifestyle of hard work, sweat and dedication to better themselves.

For a few years, our ministry and White Collar Support Group™ have used the tag line, We Can Help. Similar to Nike, our branding has been an overwhelming success – reaching out to people and families navigating the white collar criminal justice system and offering them a safe space where they can move from the isolation that destroys us, into the solution of community. Where they could be welcome with no judgment, get accurate information about their criminal justice journey, find sanctuary to share, learn, network and make important relationships, laugh at ourselves a little, and grow together to find new lives of dignity, joy and success. All freely offered by our volunteers.

And we knew that the key to this move was to be the first call, the point of entry, for people who have white collar criminal justice issues and lead them to the promised land on the other side of their legal issues. Before they made the mistakes that we all made. Before they ran through their precious resources that they desperately needed and need to navigate these shark-infested waters. To be the first call.

This was a revelation that things had changed, and we had to change along with them. We’d grown up, we have more experience than anybody, and we are now universally recognized as the leading authority in this sector. The world, and Google, recognize us as owning the term “White Collar Support Group™”. Of course they do. We are the first, the longest running, the biggest and the most helpful. And in order to be of service to our community, and consistent with our mission to reach out to others like us suffering in silence, we felt compelled to move from the passive voice of the branding of We Can Help, to one that is stronger, more powerful, and more authoritative.

We knew we needed to stand up, be bold, and be proud of all we’ve accomplished together. To take important positions, to advocate for them, and to dedicate ourselves even more to changing the world. And we wanted to just do it in conjuncture with our 400th White Collar Support Group™ meeting that we will host on Feb. 19, 2024 (Please join us).

I was psyched. We all were.

So, while lunching a few days ago at a new Asian Fusion restaurant here in West Palm Beach, I was explaining this concept to Lynn (for those of you who don’t know, Lynn Springer is my wife, partner, and co-founder of our ministry) and I could hardly control myself. My arms were waiving, the Pad Thai was flying everywhere. Lynn listened attentively (as she is wont to do) and then confidently, knowingly leaned forward (as she is wont to do) and told me she had it! She had our new tag line and branding.

Start Here™.

That was it! Start Here™. Hard stop. It was such a powerful statement. In two words it encapsulated everything we stood for, everything we wanted, everything we needed, everything we worked our butts off to achieve over the past eight years. And in the spirit of less is more, boiling it down to two words was masterful. A stroke of genius. Start Here™ was it!

We finished up our lunch, drove quickly home, and I got on the phones. We have it, we have it! And every single group member I spoke with agreed. Start Here™ was perfect.

So, my dear friends and Fellow Travelers, there you have it. Start Here™ is our new tag line and branding. Start Here™ is us. Start Here™ is what we believe in. Start Here™ is our big, bold statement of how we aspire to be of highest, best use to our white collar community. And Start Here™ is our vision for a bright, successful future for us all.

And, to get to this future full of hope and promise, all we have to do is one simple, but critical, thing: Start Here™.

*PS, thank you Lynn, thank you Nike and thank you to all of you for eight wonderful years.