White Collar Support Group: From Police to Priest Podcast: Father Joseph Ciccone Talks About His Journey with Father Rix Thorsell

   Father Joe Ciccone and Father Rix Thorsell are members of our White Collar Support Group that meets online on Zoom on Monday evenings. Please join Father Joe as he holds a Prayers of Hope service from St. Joseph’s Mission Church, Daily at 1 pm ET: https://www.facebook.com/saintjosephmissionchurch/.

Progressive Prison Ministries, Inc. is the world’s first ministry supporting the white collar criminal justice/economy exiled community. It hosts a White Collar Support Group meeting online on Zoom every Monday at 7:00 pm ET, 6:00 pm CT, 5:00 pm MT, 4:00 pm PT, information here. We will be hosting our 200th consecutive weekly meeting online on Monday, April 13, 2020.


From Police to Priest (FP2P) is a new podcast from Saint Joseph Mission Church!

Hosted by Dr. Joseph Ciccone and Father Rix Thorsell, Union Theological Seminary classmates (M.Div. ’13), From Police to Priest explores Father Joe’s unique and fascinating journey from numerous decades of law enforcement to a new decade of ministry. 

Every Sunday, Fr. Joe and Fr. Rix release a new episode talking about the interesting, and sometimes terrifying, experiences that get into the deep valleys that we all go through at one point or another. 

From those moments of mistakes or sin, From Police to Priest acknowledges the darkness around us, and then tries to find hope and redemption from each incredible story told.

It’s a unique experience that can shed insight into the depths of human suffering and how every one of us can find that light to overcome the night. Entertaining and informative, From Police to Priest gives a ray of hope in the face of hopelessness, and we hope you are able to join the growing community across the country tuning in every week.

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Podbean (our host site): https://police2priest.podbean.com/ |
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/3a7bHecWAsFAv17PCJVTwI |  
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Father Joseph Ciccone and Father Rix Thorsell