Video: Jeff Grant Interviewed on the Financial Clarity with Hannah Smolinski Podcast. Aug. 2, 2023: “From Law Practice to Prison and Back Again.”

Jeff Grant is the Founder of Grant Law, a unique firm committed to providing private general counsel services for individuals and families dealing with white-collar prosecutions and regulatory proceedings. Following a personal journey that included overcoming addiction and serving federal prison time for a white-collar crime, Jeff emerged with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

After reentry into society, he earned a Master’s of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary and co-founded Progressive Prison Ministries, the world’s first ministry serving individuals in the white-collar criminal justice system. With his law license reinstated by the US Supreme Court of the state of New York, Jeff leverages his legal expertise and life experiences to benefit others, an effort that has landed him features in notable publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

• Jeff Grant shares the story behind his addiction and prison time and how he bounced back

• Jeff’s advice to those in legal trouble due to improper use of Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) loans

• What surprised Jeff during the investigative process of his case

• Why is it crucial to have a support group?

• Why Jeff did not expect to have his law license reinstated

• Jeff’s plan for his new law firm, Grant Law

• How did Jeff’s past turn into his differentiating factor?

• Jeff’s advice to anyone starting a small business from scratch

In this episode…

In the high-stakes world of law and finance, missteps can lead to drastic consequences. How do professionals pick themselves up after such fallouts? Can a tainted reputation ever be restored?

Jeff Grant, a successful lawyer, found his world turned upside down when he was convicted for a white-collar crime. He lost his license and spent 14 months in federal prison. But this was not the end for Jeff. Remarkably, he rebuilt his life post-incarceration, earning back his law license and turning his past mistakes into a springboard to help others in similar situations.

In this episode of the Financial Clarity podcast, host Hannah Smolinski engages Jeff Grant in a riveting conversation about resilience, redemption, and making the most out of second chances. They discuss Jeff’s life pre- and post-prison, his journey to regain his law license, and how he founded a support group for white-collar criminals. Jeff shares insights on overcoming stigma, navigating the legal system post-incarceration, and leveraging past mistakes as a unique selling point in his new law practice.

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